Is It Risk-free to work with Peroxide, Neosporin on Pets?

Each and every week, Dr. Patrick Tate, chief with the veterinary staff as well as a standard practitioner at Webster Groves Animal Hospital, solutions reader queries about pets. This week's question comes from reader Terri Sue Thompson.

Query: Is it safe and sound to make use of peroxide and Neosporin on dog when they possess a lower or scratch?

Answer: You will discover quite a few over-the-counter "human" drugs and remedies that happen to be safe for use with animals. On the other hand, normally talk to your veterinarian ahead of trying out any type of solution in your pets.

Neosporin (coupled with other forms of antibiotic lotions or ointments) is secure to work with on skin wounds of canines and cats. Unfortunately, animals often lick the medicine until eventually nearly all of it really is eliminated. Fortunately, antibiotic creams and ointments will not be unsafe to pets when ingested in smaller amounts.

Hydrogen peroxide is risk-free to use in cleansing the wound of an animal, but can at times result in a unpleasant burning sensation. Instead of working with hydrogen peroxide, I would advise a warm, soapy alternative. An antibacterial hand soap diluted with water cleans nicely, but does not irritate the pet?¡¥s skin. Note: hydrogen peroxide should really not be applied in the ears.

A few other "human" solutions that can be safely used on canines and cats are:

Hydrocortisone cream or ointment for treating a non-infected, localized rash
Epsom salt answers for soaking inflamed or infected extremities
Oatmeal baths for soothing irritated skin
There are actually many books, magazines, internet sites and tv programs devoted to the subject of pet wellness care. Not all data from these sources is precise or handy, and a few "remedies" can even be hazardous. Use caution when attempting to self-treat your pet without the guidance of a veterinarian or other animal healthcare professional.

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